Rates & Policies

Welcome to our system. The information below will be helpful to you in the future.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Closed on holidays and weekends, please check with office for a complete list of holiday closings.

AFTER-HOURS: Call (936) 544-2986. We have calls monitored 24 hours per day for emergencies.

Bills are mailed or before the 25th of each month and DUE on or before the 10th of the following month to avoid a 10% late charge.

$34.00 (availability fee, no included gallons) + 0.5% TCEQ Regulatory Fee  ---------------------------------------------$34.17

GALLONAGE CHARGE PER THOUSAND GALLONS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------$5.40
     + 0.5% TCEQ Regulatory Fee

METER RE-INSTALLATION –(existing service tap) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------$968
     Membership Fee: $408
     Easement Filing Fee: $30
     Re-Install Fee (Parts, Equipment, L&O): $530
     Total = $968

NEW METER INSTALLATION –(standard, NO road bore)------------------------------------------------------------------$3,128
     Membership Fee: $408
     Easement Filing Fee: $30
     Tap Fee (Parts, Equipment, L&O): $1490
     Equity Buy-In: $1,200
     Total = $3,128

NEW METER INSTALLATION –(standard, with road bore ≤ 100’)---------------------------------------------------------$4,308 and up
     Membership Fee: $408
     Easement Filing Fee: $30
     Tap Fee (Parts, Equipment, L&O): $1490
     Road Bore Fee (Parts, Equipment, L&O): Varies based on construction complexity & permitting, usually $1,180 to $2,000
     Equity Buy-In: $1,200
     Total = Quoted on a per-application basis

MEMBERSHIP FEE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$408 

RECONNECT FEE (following service disconnection for non-payment) ----------------------------------------------------$150
     NO RECONNECT after-hours

SERVICE CALL/TRIP FEE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$150

AFTER HOURS SERVICE CALL/TRIP FEE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$150

EASEMENT FEE (filed with each transfer and install) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$30

TRANSFER FEE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$50

NON-STANDARD LINE EXTENSIONS --------------------------------------------QUOTED ON A PER APPLICATION BASIS



Please see our service application for additional information and rules for service.

The Consolidated WSC is an EEO provider and employer.