Rates & Policies

Please see information about our 2024 rate increase here. The new rates in the table below go into effect for the May 2024 billing, which will impact the bill that is due on June 10th, 2024.


The changes include an increase to the monthly minimum charge from $34 to $45, an increase in the usage rate, and the implementation of tiered pricing which increases with consumption.  See the examples below for members with four different water consumption scenarios. Approximately 78% of customers fall into the Example 1 and Example 2 scenarios below.


Our large consumption members should note that your first 6,000 gallons are billed at a rate of $5.76 per thousand gallons, the next 14,000 gallons are billed at $8.26 per thousand gallons, and any remaining usage is billed at $10.26 per thousand gallons. The bill calculation for Example 4 is below, showing the charges in each tier.



Please see our service application for additional information and rules for service.

The Consolidated WSC is an EEO provider and employer.