Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 


Latexo Area Source Water Changes

What's happening?

We are placing a new groundwater source online in the Latexo area. This involves reversing flow in some sections of downtown Latexo and changing from a purchased surface water source to a groundwater source. 


The new well will be phased into service from April 10, 2024 through April 30, 2024.  We are expecting water quality changes during this time due to flushing activities, disturbances of mineral deposits in pipes and a change from total chlorine to free chlorine disinfectant.

How will it affect my water quality?

This well produces a large volume of high-quality groundwater. However, during the transition period mentioned above you may notice water turbidity, increased air in the lines or chlorine odor. This new well produces very soft water, meaning it has very little mineral content and can feel "slippery" to the touch. This is anticipated and not a cause for concern. If you are worried about your water quality at any time, feel free to call us at 936-544-2986.





CR 1825 Pipeline Construction Project - COMPLETED


Installation of approximately 4,600 feet of 10” PVC water main in replacement of an existing 3” PVC water main.  This work will include installation of a hydrant, control valves, relocation of customer taps, and connection of the new pipe to existing facilities on FM 2663.  Work will be completed by Duplichain Contractors, their logo is below for reference.  Our engineer on this project is Craig Webb with Cross-Tex Engineers, Inc.